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This is just an engine port and does not contain any of the original copyrighted assets. YOU WILL NEED TO LEGALLY OWN Quake 3 Arena IF YOU WISH TO PLAY IT IN VR USING QUAKE3QUEST.

Quake 3 Arena can be purchased on Steam.

Quake3Quest is the result of months of dedicated work by Team Beef (Dr. Beef, BaggyG and Bummser). Enthusiasm for VR is what drives us. We hope you like and enjoy the result as much as we do. Frag you later!


Meta Quest 2 - Quake 3 Arena

Latest News: Quake3Quest officially released!

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Welcome to a Multiplayer-enabled 6DoF implementation of the Quake 3 Arena campaign in standalone VR. This is built solely for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 VR HMD and will not run on any other device.

Quake3Quest was originally based on the work by XsparkieX (https://github.com/XsparkieX/ioq3quest), itself based on the Open Source project IOQuake3 (https://github.com/ioquake/ioq3) which was forked from the released Quake 3 Arena engine code.

The easiest way to install this on your Quest is using SideQuest, a Desktop app designed to simplify sideloading apps and games on Meta Quest and Quest 2. You can see instructions on how to get Sidequest here


  • Single player bot tournament
  • Fully tracked VR weapons
  • Intuitive VR Weapon Selection Wheel
  • Online 6DOF multiplayer in dedicated VR servers!
  • 90/80/72 Hz support (changeable "on the fly")
  • VR comfort and QOL settings
  • Cross-platform wifi play (Quest 2 vs PC vs Android)
  • Companion app that makes it simple to change name, install mods and map packs.
  • Unique Quest Home environment included (by Robyer1)
  • Death Cam (See the whole level from above)
  • Spectator Mode

Installing Quake3Quest

Note: You will need developer mode and sidequest for this to work!
First Part (On your Desktop)

Second Part (On your Desktop)
  • Go to "Unknown Sources" and start "Quake3Quest" two times in a row - the app will not open the first time (it's creating the folders needed) but will start just fine the second time. The official id software Quake 3 Arena demo is included. This means you can play the first tier on SP bot tournament and even join some maps on our vr servers for online play.
Third part (On your Desktop):
How to install the full version of Quake 3 Arena (Optional, but thoroughly recommended)
Note: Have quest connected to pc via usb, allow usb connection inside headset when prompted.
  • Buy Quake III Arena (sometimes bundled with Team Arena DLC) on Steam or elsewhere. Install it on your computer.
  • Go to the file location of Quake 3 on your computer (right click on Quake III Arena in Steam -> Manage -> Browse Local Files).
  • Go into the baseq3 folder on your pc and copy all PK3 files to /ioquake3quest/baseq3 on your Quest. Use Sidequest or windows file explorer to do this. Allow to overwrite pak0.pk3 if asked.
Ready! Start the game under unknown sources.

Installing Team Arena

Note: This steps requires you to have installed the full version of Quake 3 (see above) to work!
Quake3Quest supports this official DLC, which supports more maps, guns, skins and play-modes all focussed around team gameplay.
Note: Have quest connected to pc via usb, allow usb connection inside headset when prompted.

  • Buy Quake III: Team Arena (sometimes bundled with main Quake 3 game) on Steam or elsewhere. Install it on your computer.
  • Go to the file location of Quake III: Team Arena on your computer (right click on Quake III: Team Arena in Steam -> Manage -> Browse Local Files).
  • Copy the entire "missionpack" folder from Quake 3 Arena on your pc to /ioquake3quest/ on your Quest. Use Sidequest or windows file explorer to do this.
Start the game under unknown sources. You should now have an extra option in the main menu of the game. Note: We strongly recommend using 72hz when using this DLC


How Can I change my Online Name?
When you installed Quake3Quest, it will have also installed the Quake3Quest Companion App. Start that from Unknown Sources and there is the ability to change the Player Name.

Does this work on Quest 1?
Currently we only recommend Quest 2. Whilst it runs on Quest 1, we experienced rendering issues. Future updates might fix this.

Do I need the full game to try this?
No, we have included the official id software demo that comes with a small set of multiplayer maps and the first tier of single player. But we highly recommend to buy and install the full game.

Will I be able to play against other vr players?
Yes, we have set up our own Q3Q master server that will show up in-game as default. All our "VR-only" servers are listed there. But cross-play between PC vs Quest vs Android is also possible in LAN (Local Area Network) or online.

Are there any HD mods you can recommend?
We have a set of HD mods and other add-ons in the companion app for download. All was carefully selected for best performance on Quest 2. There are other HD mods (AI upscale, Reloaded), but they bring down performance quite a bit. We do not recommend those at this point.

Does this run at 90hz?
A lot of maps run stable at 90hz, some don't. We recommend to leave framerate at 72 / 80hz for a smooth experience. Note that you can change the framerate in "options->system" any time you want without needing to restart.

Does the Team Arena (DLC) work?
Yes Team Arena is working. Some of the huge maps of TA have mixed performance on Quest 2 though.

Q3 in VR must be a puke machine, right?
Surprisingly, it is not. It's pretty comfortable even in the heat of a fierce battle. During our test-phase very few beta tester complained about motion sickness. That being said, you will need solid VR-legs to play Quake 3 in VR!

Wasn't there another Quake 3 implementation in the works?
We have long been aware of the user GUNNM working on a port utilising the Cyrax's Q3E (utilising Vulkan and OpenXR). However since some initial communication the project appeared to disappear for 18 months. Various people tried to reach out to see if the project was still alive but received no response. Our community found XsparkieX's project which did work on Quest, but also seemed to be stalled or discontinued. Our project started as an initial tweaking into that to see performance and how playable we could make it. That very quickly, with the help of our community, became a very big project including working Multi-player support.
GUNNM has since reached out and informed us his version was close to release. We were thankfully able to open lines of communication. We jointly, from our experience, didn't feel that his version was close to release but agreed it was a better foundation for longevity. We have therefore proposed, for the best outcome for the VR community, that our version is released for all to play. In the meantime we have offered GUNNM to port some of our unique features over to his codebase when it is in a releasable state. If and when this becomes the superior version, we will retire Quake3Quest and his version with our features will supercede it.


There are plenty of options available in the VR Options menu (General / Performance / HUDs). Be sure to check them out.


  • Walk Direction -> HMD / Off-Hand
  • Turn mode -> Snap / Smooth
  • Left handed mode
  • Switch thumbsticks
  • Weapon Pitch Adjust
  • Weapons Wheel Mode -> VR Pointer / Classic Joystick Style
  • Two Handed Weapons
  • Railgun Scope
Comfort Options
  • Comfort Vignette
  • Height adjust
  • Haptic intensity
  • Hud stereo depth
  • Hud vertical position
  • Hud mode -> Floating / Static to view
Game Options
  • Laser Sight
  • Show Item in off-hand
System Options
  • Refresh rate -> 72hz (default) / 80hz / 90hz
(Many maps run great on 90hz! You can change the framerate anytime on the fly!)

Companion App

Use the Companion App to conveniently download additional map-packs, mods and add-ons directly to your headset! You can also to edit your player name. The companion app is automaticaly installed with Quake3Quest if you installed via Sidequest. You'll find it under "unknown sources" along with the main Quake3Quest entry. Note: Any changes made via the Companion App should be persistent. You do not need to Launch the main game from there each time.

Server Setup

We have set up a Quake3Quest Master Server that automatically shows all of our VR-only servers conveniently in the in-game server browser. If you want to become a Quake3Quest Server Host please visit our discord for instructions and further guidance.

Main Controls

Lead Programmer
Dr Beef

Additional Coding
MuaDiB, Lubos, Baggyg

Companion App
Baggyg (development), Bummser (content)

Additional Contributions
Skillfur, Cukier, Eispfogel, Pizzaluigi, Omarlego, Bummser

Cloud Admin & Discord Bot

Custom Quest Home

Dedicated Beta Testers
XQuader, Ceno, Cukier, F2hunter , Bummser, Retro1N, Benny91, April, Ikarus,
Bim, Lubos, MasakaPete, Config2, Maniac, Ghostdog72, Slydog43,
Cornelius, Ferret, RealityForge, PvtGenO, SatanSlayer

Quake3Quest is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Bethesda or ID Software, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Quake3Quest is an unofficial port of the idtech4 engine, which was originally written by ID Software.

Quake 3, Quake 3 Arena, id, id Software, id Tech and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.